Messenger Marketing Resources And Methods To Obtain Stable Income

You can accept payment with Messenger. Randomize the item. Save the date / time of the action. Compare custom fields with other custom fields.

And our integrated list is constantly growing and recently it has been expanded to include Facebook Ads, Google Sheets.

This means that marketers and businesses can make more advanced, more attractive and functional chat bots.

But now we have a flow builder. Malware installation wizard. Tag manager.

A passionate community of marketers is deploying around messenger marketing
Not only consumers who love Messenger Marketing, but also it turned out that marketers love it!

ManyChat is doing his utmost to build a community feeling to bring together these wonderful people. Here are some steps taken to do this.

We held the world’s first messenger marketing conference in September. This was a wonderful event using ManyChat to share experience and success with many of the brightest marketers all over the world.

We are running a chatbot building contest and we plan to set up a template store in the future. I am confident that it will be useful to everyone by easily finding and using a completed chat box template which has already been tested and proved to work in the industry.

We are also working on creating an agency affiliate program to find outstanding messenger marketing agencies to achieve the results the company is looking for.

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