Latest Messenger Marketing Course Guide And Complete Strategy Steps

This will be a big part of the future of Messenger Marketing, but this feature will become robust over time.

Messenger marketing expanded to more platforms
If you want to do messenger marketing anywhere outside of China, using Facebook Messenger as a platform is very limited.

iMessage follows the start of business chat. They also open the API, again, ManyChat integrates it.

Finally, the Android message. If you have not heard of RCS, it stands for “rich communication service”. Google basically tries to make this a successor to text messages.

Imagine that SMS can do whatever Facebook messenger can do – send a wonderful message with buttons, images, links etc. That is the vision behind RCS.

This is still a way, but if Google can approve the new RCS standard, it means that you can approach a wider audience with messenger marketing.

And if that day comes … What do you think should be done on the first platform to integrate it?

Messenger marketing will be more robust
This is quite obvious for those who follow the development of ManyChat. After all, at the 1st conference held in September, we plan to release 14 new functions on the stage.

But in such cases, please let me clarify this:

Messenger marketing has become a more robust marketing channel.

First of all, it was the most text-based message with the ability to add buttons, photos, and videos. Most bots were very simple, creating was particularly simple and not intuitive.

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