Freight Broker Training Material And Tools To Make Income Potential

How long will it take as a cargo broker or cargo agent?
Usually you can start within 30-40 days.

Are you providing support?
Yes, as a member, you can receive assistance using the administrator support desk. This allows you to keep in touch with customers during business hours, regardless of time of day. If your question can not be resolved by the system, make sure that someone is contacting you by phone.

Can I receive a copy of the document?
Yes, No. Printed materials are expensive. Our mission is to make this all affordable. By making this available to members, you can reduce unnecessary publishing costs and transfer these savings to you. Additional benefits include instant access and updated material However, for you to insist on reading from paper, you can print the material using the “Print” link at the top of each page I will.

I have a partner. Can I share my account?
Yes, we do not recommend it. Google’s system can track the number of IP addresses used to access the account and temporarily disable the account.

I am a licensed freight broker. Can I use this to educate agents?
Yes. As our material is made in a comprehensive way, new cargo agents not only understand their responsibilities but also the responsibilities of brokers. The better it is to understand that the agent “must do” something, the easier it is to perform the task. In addition, discuss the acquisition strategy of freight customers and help new agencies expand their own customer base.

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