Free Messenger Marketing Learning Website And Advanced Tutorials

When someone needs to contact you, I will not go to your site. Instead, they send you a Facebook message. Messenger is the only point of interaction with customers. When you need questions or help, or when you want to purchase (you can do it directly via Messenger), you can access anytime anywhere.

Messenger will soon become the main business channel
Currently, messenger marketing is relatively new. niche. Little is known.

There was no common mainstream channel for business communication and marketing.

At least … still. Proceeding quickly one to two years, it will all be different.

Everyone expects Messenger Marketing to continue explosive growth. However, in our own internal number, not only those who are not called “Facebook” but also the space of messenger marketing will be bigger than anyone else.

Remember, it is the ideal platform for conversation.

People have already used it and trust it.

It also has great benefits for companies wanting to keep in touch with customers.

The surprising thing about messenger marketing is that it is very versatile. When people first tested the water in this room, most of us considered Messenger instead of email.

But as corporate growth and development progresses, we begin to recognize how many other roles the enterprise plays.

This could be an alternative to mobile apps.

This can be an alternative to live chat.

This may be an alternative to the e-commerce store.

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